Mission Statement

Building Upon A Sure Foundation

About Our Church

What is the chief end of man? To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

This is our mission, to glorify God and enjoy Him both now and onward into eternity. How do we at Lee Creek seek to glorify God? Firstly, we seek to glorify Him in worship through sound expository preaching of the scriptures, passionate singing of hymns and spiritual songs, earnest prayer as a church, cheerful giving unto the Lord and faithfully keeping the ordinances given to the local church. Secondly, we seek to glorify Him by living genuine Christian lives that reflect a love for Christ and submission to His word in all things. Thirdly, we seek to glorify Him in advancing the kingdom of God as we preach the gospel to all people, make disciples of Christ in our community, and support global missions as well as gospel ministries. In the midst of our pursuit to glorify God, you will find a warm and welcoming fellowship of Christians who love each other and enjoy spending time together.

Our History

Lee Creek became a church in 1994 from a mission started by Concord Baptist Church in Alma, AR. The church had 5 pastors who served and continued the work through those early years until November of 2007 when the church called brother Harold Smith as their pastor. Brother Harold served for 14 years establishing the church in a spiritually healthy and sound state. Brother Harold’s tenure continued until September of 2021 when he resigned having answered the call to serve as a missionary to struggling churches. In January of 2022 the church called their current pastor, Joseph Allen. Brother Joseph and his family moved from Kentucky to Van Buren to pastor Lee Creek and he began his pastorate here on April 17th, 2022. Through God’s providence the Lord has graciously sustained this church through many trying times and continues to bless us with a congregation of loving people who love the Lord, hold to the historic Baptist doctrines of the faith and endeavor to glorify God in all things. By God’s grace the church looks forward to a blessed history ahead of them as they continue to worship and serve the Lord together.

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